Marcus Fysh MP

Member of Parliament for Yeovil

​​​​​​​Marcus Fysh lives with his wife Jenny and their two young children in East Coker and in the London area to be near Parliament.  Originally from Australia, Marcus came to the UK when he was three years old. He went to school in Bristol, London and Hampshire before going to Oxford University where he studied literature.

After graduating, Marcus joined Mercury Asset Management, a British fund management firm based in London, specialising in investing in businesses in the Asia Pacific region. With this experience, he set up his own business in Australia, India and the EMEA region. Because of his strong ties with business investment, Marcus is a strong supporter of local businesses.

Marcus’s political life started when he was a South Somerset District Councillor for the Yeovil South Ward between 2011 and 2015. He became Somerset County Councillor in 2013 for the Coker Ward. Marcus was then elected to be Member of Parliament for the Yeovil constituency at the 2015 General Election with 24,178 votes (42.5%), a majority of 5,313 (9.3%). He was re-elected in 2017 with 32,369 votes (54.5%), a majority of 14,723 (24.8%). In the 2019 General Election, Marcus was re-elected with 34,588 votes (58.4%), an increased majority of 16,181 (27.3%).