Join the Party

Joining the Conservative Party is the first step in becoming an active member of one of the world’s oldest political parties and together we will be able to change the country. All the money we spend comes from voluntary donations, fundraising and membership goes on the running of the Grouping and on campaigning.

For anyone over the age of 22, membership costs a minimum of £25 per year per person (if you feel you would like to pay more please do).

For anyone under the age of 22, membership costs £5.

As a member you will be able to:

  • Decide who represents the Party in local and national elections.

  • Vote in elections for the Leader of the Party (who can then go on to become Prime Minister).

  • Attend social events with various speakers, including your local MP.

  • Have a say on future policy through the Conservative Policy Forum.

  • Attend Party Conference.

  • Access to our Affinity Programme which provides great discounts in a wide range of shops.

  • Receive a membership card and welcome booklet.

  • Receive regular email updates

You can join online by clicking HERE  or to pay by debit/credit card please call 01935 434439.