Jargon buster

Not sure about something on the website? Well hopefully the jargon buster can help. If you have any other questions please do get in touch with the Office who are more than happy to help. 


The Conservative Party is divided locally into different organisations based around the Parliamentary Constituencies. An association’s role is to fundraise and campaign to get Conservative councillors and an MP elected in their area. 


The Association is divided into smaller areas with the members coming together to organise fundraising events and campaign for elections. A branch normally covers a ward, town or village. 


Local campaigners will go round an area and knock on people’s doors to ask them if they have any issues or questions that the local councillor or MP can help with. 


An area which is represented by a Member of Parliament (MP) for example, Bridgwater and West Somerset has Ian Liddell-Grainger as their MP. 


An area which is represented by a County Councillor for example, Frome North has Cllr Peter John as their representative on Somerset County Council. 

General Election

A General Election is when people vote for their Member of Parliament. Depending on how many MPs each Party wins, depends on who the Prime Minister is. The last election was in May 2010 and the Conservatives won 309 seats meaning David Cameron became Prime Minister. General Elections are every five years.

Member of Parliament (MP)

Elected by residents at a General Election, MPs go to the House of Commons in London to debate laws to govern the country. MPs hold surgeries and help people out with issues they may have. 


An area which is represented by a District Councillor for example, Postlbury ward has Cllr David Stevens as their representative on Mendip District Council.